Apartments Sea

Are you looking for something new? Dreaming of spending time by the sea? Your adventure by the cost begins here!

Cozy apartments in the very center of Klaipeda will create an unusual atmosphere for your leisure time.

Despite the weather outside the window, the coziness of the home will envelop you with a pleasant breath of the sea and distract you from daily routine, allowing your dreams to swim beyond the lagoon… The view through the panoramic window and the balcony will take your breath away and the interior of the apartments will awaken the desire to enjoy the sea, visit beaches or Sea museum, take a walk along the coast and dream.

By choosing these apartments, you will not only have modern accommodation with all amenities, but even more: next to the building you will find new sports trainers, children’s playgrounds, a modern basketball court. You can park your car in the parking lot next to the building free of charge and walk around the old town without having to worry about parking. Klaipeda’s legendary ship Meridianas is just a few minutes’ walk away from the apartments, a little further you can reach the Smiltinė’s ferry.

We can write more about the interesting places, shops, cafes, but we will allow you to create an adventure and discover all the great things yourself. Let’s go!